Types of Florida Recreational Fishing Licenses

A native of Venezuela, Mauro Nannini currently resides in south Florida, where he oversees his private business, 4N Development Co., LLC. In his spare time, Mauro Nannini enjoys the leisurely activity of fishing.

In the state of Florida, there are two types of recreational fishing licenses. The first is the freshwater fishing license, which is required for fishers who intend to catch native and nonnative freshwater fish. The license is issued for a 12-month period from the date of purchase and costs residents $17. Nonresident fees are $47 for an annual license, or $17 and $30 for three-day and seven-day licenses, respectively. An additional fee of $4 is assessed for individuals seeking a physical hard card. A five-year license can also be issued for a reduced rate of $79.

The second type of recreational fishing license is the saltwater fishing license. The license is mandatory for all fishers who attempt to take out saltwater fish, saltwater crustaceans, marine plants, and other saltwater organisms. There are no exemptions made for specific locations, since it is the fishers, not locations, that require licensing. The fees associated with a recreational saltwater fishing license are the same as the freshwater license. Should a person decide to fish both freshwater and saltwater, a dual license can be purchased for $32.50 for each 12-month period.

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