Top Fishing Destinations in South Florida

A real estate entrepreneur by profession, Mauro Nannini founded 4N Development Company, LLC, in 2001. Outside of work, Mauro Nannini enjoys fishing in South Florida.

Throughout the year, South Florida draws visitors who enjoy warm, sunny weather and rich ocean life. Anglers have their choice of fishing sites across the region, but several stand out from the rest. Key Biscayne, for example, is home to a diverse population of fish due to its artificial reef and rich surface-level biodiversity. Reef anglers can catch amberjack, mutton snappers, and many others while surface fishing yields such attractive catches as sailfish, kingfish, and mahi-mahi.

Anglers can also find a wide variety of catches near the Seven Mile Bridge Rubble west of Sombrero Light. Off the beaches between Haulover Inlet and Government Cut, anglers can find a similar diversity as well as a large concentration of tarpon, which are particularly plentiful closer to the Cut. The Miami area also stands out as a promising destination for a varied fishing trip, particularly for those who visit the Rickenbacker Causeway and Blackpoint Marina. Fishing is even available in Miami proper, particularly off the popular 79th Street bridge.

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