Using Social Media to Show and Sell Real Estate

With over 28 years of experience in finance, Mauro Nannini has held executive-level positions at major financial institutions including Capital Invest Casa de Bolsa. At present, Mauro Nannini serves as director of Astra Real Estate Fund, in addition to his role as head of 4N Development Co., LLC, which concentrates on developing and promoting real estate.

Real estate agents should treat their social media pages as valuable connections to their neighborhoods. Just as it does not make sense to tell clients looking to buy locally about a property across the country, it makes little sense to post ads for properties thousands of miles away. Instead, it is best to use social media feeds to show listings for the local neighborhood to attract potential buyers in nearby zip codes.

However, effective agents do not simply push listings; they use social media to show prospective residents why they would enjoy being a part of the local scene. They also post about community events such as farmer’s markets and recently built community or senior centers. Similarly, some Facebook status posts are more effective than others. Images always circulate farther than text, so it is best to work one image into every update. The more likes, shares, and comments a post gets, the more people will see it.

Finally, agents should use social media to celebrate their clients and make them feel important. For example, some agents take a close-up picture of a client’s hand holding the keys to the new house on move-in day and make a “congratulations” post. However, it is important to respect clients’ privacy and avoid use of names, addresses, or pictures of the clients themselves.

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