About Mauro Nannini

1382130731_Canales, Vince (2)Mauro Nannini has over 30 years of financial sector experience and currently serves as the director of Astra Real Estate Fund. At the time he accepted this position, the company was underperforming. Mauro Nannini immediately led restructuring efforts to turn the company around, achieving significant reductions in risk and increases in profit margins. These achievements mirror his track record of success in increasing productivity and income at other enterprises as well. In addition to his role at Astra Real Estate Fund, for example, Mr. Nannini directs 4N Development Company, a real estate firm he has guided for over 20 years. 4N Development Company specializes in promoting and developing housing in south Florida and has partnered with financial institutions in investing in various real estate projects.

Mr. Nannini earned his bachelor’s degree with honors from the Universidad Metropolitana and began his career as a stock broker in Venezuela. He played a significant role in growing Capitalinvest Casa de Bolsa CA, one of Venezuela’s largest stock-trading firms.

In his spare time, Mr. Nannini enjoys foreign travel and has visited Europe.


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